The Artistic
Elevate your craft and business
in 5 months in elite mastermind of peers with the heart of an artistic and the mind of an entrepreneur
For experts, creatives and entrepreneurs
Who are ready to create more impact, influence, and income
In a way that feels authentic and aligned with their soul’s purpose
What we will work on
For 5 months our primary focus will be bringing you results in these 6 areas to transform your business and your life
Your alignment
How to remove inner blocks that hold you back from reaching your next level

Your Personal Brand
How to express and position yourself authentically and open doors to new opportunities
Your Product
How to create product that you love and people are excited to buy
Your Clients
How to build your tribe and create consistent flow of clients
Your Content
How to effectively share your message on social media and on big stages
Your ecosystem
How to set up your team and systems for your optimal growth and creative expression, without burning out
What’s inside
You know exactly how to achieve your next big thing, in a way that elevates both your inner artist and inner entrepreneur
Create a clear vision of what your inner artist wants to be known for and what your inner entrepreneur would be proud of
Remove the core inner conflict that slows you from having what you really want
Prepare your system for sustained growth
You have 100% certainty that the product/service you have will change the life of the right person and your audience trusts that certainty
Develop certainty around who you can help and how
Refine your messaging
Create an offer so good that people are genuinely excited to buy
Module 1: Mid July
Inner & Outer Alignment
Module 2: August
100% certainty offer
You’ve created a content masterpiece that converts your followers into paying clients. You feel creatively expressed and your online presence represents who you are, what you’re about and what you do, so it’s clear to the world how you can be paid
Craft content that captures your magnetism and attracts aligned clients and invitations
Create a consistent flow of leads through your content
Feel empowered in your creative expression
Module 3: September
Signature Content
You know how to attract new followers and build authentic relationships with them so that they trust you
Module 4: October
Dating the Audience
Master short form content to connect with more people
Engage your audience and build trust
Grow your following
You have a system in place that makes you money while you’re doing what you truly love without burning out
Module 5: November
Monetization ecosystem
Build a content-driven funnel
Put together your dream team
Refine your processes
What you will get
Online coaching every week
For 5 months, you will be part of a small group of extraordinary people (less than 30) who will meet weekly with Adam and his team to work on each module together.

We keep the group small and invite people through applications only, to ensure that the community is strong and everyone has enough time to receive personal attention.

This is not a course where you just consume information. Our goal is to ensure that you actually achieve the results you aim for
3 offline immersions
For even a smaller group of higher-tier members (less than 10 people), in addition to weekly online calls, we’ll organize three four-day immersions.

The 1st immersion will be dedicated to identifying blind spots and developing a tailored strategy.

The 2nd one will focus on producing high-quality signature content, which will convert your followers into clients

The 3rd one Adam and team will be working on fine-tuning the monetization ecosystem for every member
For 5 months, you will be part of an elite peer group of 5 people who have already accomplished a lot but are coming together to create their next big thing.
This will give you extra support and accountability.
In-Person Closing Event
In the last month of the program we come together for a big closing celebration! Our vip-mastermind group will deliver their keynotes at a big event we produce in front of 500+ people! And our content team will record speakers so they could leverage this content as a strategic asset
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